In order toprovide a complete flow solution, we also offer
Fire hydrants & Oil loading arms.



Hydrants are produced in accordance with the Construction Products Directive
(CPD) 89/106 EEC.

Once the hydrants are installed, the hydrant heads can easily be rotated.It is not necessary to dig out the hydrants when servicing them or replacing broken parts.

Hydrants are lightweight, which allows for fast and simple installation. Hydrants can be used in case of fires and to temporarily connect pipelines.

The rubber parts and powder coating used in our hydrants comply with food safety standards.


For oil and chemical terminals and storages,
our company offers high-tech equipment which will help you in loading operations from railway tanks:

  • Loading arms for fuels, LPG and hydrocarbons;
  • Loading arms for chemical industry
  • Loading arms for hydrocarbons and vapor recovery (API couplers)

Loading Arms can be made from aluminum, carbon steel or stainless steel and equipped with overflow gauge, gauge of console position, open the valve gauges, pneumatic control system, telescopic pipe with pressure cone